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This is a trail riding paradise with miles and miles of open (unfenced) trails and roads offering spectacular views of the white capped mountains of the Cordillera Blanca. At the Inn we have a number of strong, gentle horses experienced with the backcountry terrain. We will take you for day trips from 1 to 4 hours. Each trip starts with you helping to get, brush down and saddle your horse. Then you have a chance to ride him/her before going out. We feel this gives both rider and horse a chance to know each other and ease into a relationship, creating a level of trust and confidence for both. Some horseback riding experience is preferable but not necessary. For longer trips one does need some experience. As our horses are large and strong they are not suitable for young children out on the trails, they can enjoy them in our riding ring.

Routes depend on weather conditions, community activities, you the rider and we leave always in the morning to avoid the hot sun or afternoon rains.. From the Inn we have access to rural and community trails which take you by farms and houses or quiet country roads and hillsides. Arrange trips at the Inn in advance.

If you wish, you can enjoy the afternoon at the Inn after your ride and order lunch with us. If you would like to not take a taxi back to town, there is a pleasant 3km walk where you can take a collective to Huaraz.

Entrance to  Cojup Guests on Horseback In Cojup
In the Quebrada Cojup Horse Wild Horses
New horse  Rayo 1 year old Jazmine y Yamalet local kids on Lucky the horse Alina on horse at the Inn